I’m Martin Zielinski and I started programming with 8 years on an Amstrad CPC 6128. Mainly because there was no other way to get games for this computer at that time :). I began by hacking-in listings from computer magazines. After weeks of ‘Syntax Errors’  and months of ‘Runtime Errors’ (yeah, that was all what the stupid machine told you ) I started to understand what was going on and also started to enjoy this.

Since 2003 I’m working as a coder in the games industry. I worked as Lead Console Programmer on SpecOps:The Line, got sidetracked to Nokia to work on an low-level mobile operating system, worked for over a year on the development of UnrealEngine 4 and am now back at Yager to help make Dead Island 2 an experience you will never forget 🙂


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